Meet Me: Sabrina Schoenborn!

My name is Sabrina Schoenborn, I am a current Sophomore at the Westtown School, and I am the CEO and Founder of The Girl Narrative.

My Story

As a girl who grew up in Manhattan, NY, I learned from a very young age that the world was loud. Very loud. People shout and scream to have their voices and ideas heard, and it takes a lot to get people to listen.


My baby sister (she’s 14, but she will always be my baby sister) is currently in 8th grade and goes to the same middle school I went to. My little 7-year-old cousin is currently in elementary school in RI. I babysit my neighbor’s little girl, I am a part of a program at my school that talks to girls in 6th grade, I work as a Teen Mentor with younger girls teaching at my local theatre (People’s Light and Theatre), I have a mom, I have a bonus-mom (what others call a step-mom), I have grandmothers, sisters, female cousins, and female friends.

The point is: I have a lot of women in my life

I am surrounded by women young and old, and I see none of them in media.Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect news articles dedicated to telling the story of my sister’s science project, but I do expect there to be WOMEN in media.

And there is currently none of that.

So I created The Girl Narrative


The Girl Narrative

I wanted to create a place where women, particularly young women, could begin to see themselves.


In my current high school, I see boys raised and recognized and voted for leaders over women consistently. Seldom, if ever, do I see girls praised and raised in the way that boys are. I wanted to create a place where girls could begin to see that they have no limitation. Ever.


As I said before, I learned from a young age that people shout and scream to have their voices and ideas heard


But I think it’s time to start LISTENING, and I think we need to listen to the stories of extraordinary women.

According to the wise words of the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media, “IF SHE CAN SEE IT, SHE CAN BE IT™.” So I am dedicated to telling their story because I want my sisters, my cousins, my younger peers, my friends, and young women everywhere to begin to see themselves in media.

Inspired by a Beginning

Written by Sabrina Schoenborn