Sabrina Shoenborn


Sabrina Schoenborn is a current Sophomore at the Westtown School. Sabrina has shared her passion for social justice by helping to organize her school’s gun-reform rally. Additionally, as her School Democratic Club Head, Sabrina sends out a weekly newsletter titles Be Aware. in which she informs the members of her community about issues within the U.S. government. Whether it is through her student leadership as Democratic Club head, IMAGE (Intersectional Minorities Against Growing Exclusion) member, Writing Center fellow, Young Leaders of Westtown head, or through her position on her school’s Religious Life committee, Sabrina is dedicated to making a change, not only in her community, but throughout the greater world with her non-profit organization The Girl Narrative.


Reena Bradley

Chief Graphic Designer

Reena Bradley is a current Junior at the Westtown School. She has shared her talent as an artist with her community through being an Art club head, a principal member of Scenic Arts Design, and was the set designer for the Cappie-nominated set of Big Love at Westtown School. Not only has her amazing studio art skills been acknowledged by many, but her digital art skills have given her the opportunity to be a logo designer. We are so happy to have Reena Bradley on #OurTeam!


Amanda Lucas


Amanda Lucas is a current freshman at the Westtown School. As a proud student activist, Amanda has held many discussions within her school community about pressing issues such as racism and racial bias. Additionally, Amanda is an active member of her community as a member of the Westtown Field Hockey team and as a member of Elements Dance Ensemble. We are so happy to have Amanda Lucas on #OurTeam!


Zora Carroll

Chief Web Designer  

Zora Carroll is a current Sophomore at the Westtown School. Within her school community, Zora has been a proud pioneer in community conversations about inequality and the injustice that many minorities face. Whether it is through her communities BSU (Black Student Union), IMAGE (Intersectional Minorities Against growing Exclusion), or by being a student leader (Chief Prefect), Zora has spoken out about a variety of issues and has used her extraordinary abilities with technology to make a change. We are so happy to have Zora Carroll on #OurTeam!