Running a business has truly been a test of patience. Being told no all day every day is exhausting, there is no way around that. It feels as if there is only a descent. As someone who was expecting some ups and downs, it was a harsh reality to realize that, for most of my process, it has been a straight descent.

I recently read an article by Business Collective that did make me feel better, though; the article was titled, The Harsh Realities of Starting a Business and looked at the actualities of starting the business.

In reading this, I got some sense of security that I was not alone. I realized that the frustration, disappointment, and comparative nature is completely understandable. I constantly feel like I could be doing more, I am disappointing my brand, myself, and my team, and I additionally tend to compare myself and my business to other businesses like mine.

But every now and then I get a breadcrumb that keeps me going. Every partnership, every article, every Instagram comment, it is weird to say, but it helps me see some result. Because my cause is so large, I will likely never see the effect that it has on people.

Right now, I am finalizing our article on Leah Juliett, a young activist who has started the #MarchAgainstRevengePorn movement and the National LGBTQ+ Townhall. Additionally, we are beginning to set up our schedule of posting two articles a month, as well as working on making them more engaging to our younger audience. Even though the work that can go into this, like transcribing, can be draining, I am beginning to get little breadcrumbs of results and progress. 

So I take the breadcrumbs, and I keep working even though I want to stop. In all honesty, sometimes I do not know why I do it, and I question if my risk is worth the reward that I’m getting. And what is even scarier, is that I will likely not see much reward until The Girl Narrative exists for over 5 years.

So we persist and we continue, knowing that I won’t see the results for years, but thinking and dreaming of what they will be.

Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO & Founder of

The Girl Narrative